So you have gotten engaged and you want to start shopping for your dream dress…for some brides to be it will feel fun and exciting while for others they may feel anxious and uncomfortable even contemplating stepping into a bridal shop.

  • A general rule of thumb would be to start shopping 12 months before your wedding, this allows you the opportunity to try on plenty of different styles and cuts you want, and giving you plenty of time for any additions or alterations. Wedding dresses are currently taking a little longer than pre pandemic to arrive in with many taking 6-8 months so give yourself that comfortable time frame for ordering. Alterations depend on your selected seamstress so you will need to factor in that additional time. Starting to shop 12 months or more before will allow you enough time and also  eliminates any additional costs such as rush fees and any last-minute stress due to shipping delays.
  • Research bridal shops before making appointments, does the boutique have styles you like, that will match your vibe and wedding theme? Have you spoken to someone in the shop, do you feel you clicked and will have a good consultation?
  • Don’t book endless appointments in one day, one shop a day is more than enough. Think about it, if you try on a minimum of 10 dresses in each shop and you visit 3 shops, that’s over 30 dresses in one day! Your head will be filled with too much and you may have missed your dream dress along the way!
  • On the day of your appointment, wear nude coloured underwear, bring along a pair of comfy heels that may be a height you are thinking of wearing on your wedding day and bring along something to tie your hair up with.
  • Don’t bring loads of people with you, as too many opinions slow down appointments and very often leave a bride utterly confused, we would suggest 2-3 maximum so you get the most out of your appointment.
  • If you are an indecisive person don’t rush into saying yes to the dress, sleep on it for a night or two, return to the shop and try the possible dress on again and be happy in your choice!