So you’re engaged, your venue booked, some other bookings confirmed… whats next! Time to start shopping for your dream dress, but fear not we are here to guide you through this exciting journey. At abelle we have helped hundreds of brides find their dream dress these past 9 years and each bride that walks through our doors is unique and important to us. We know the rollercoaster of emotions you can go through so here are our top tips for any bride to be to make your trip relaxed and memorable:

1. Firstly try to limit the amount of shops you visit, especially in one day. We find the more shops you visit, the more dresses you try on in each shop,can in fact work to your disadvantage, as you become utterly confused as to what style suits you, you may received varying advice and end up feeling disillusioned and confused. So select a small amount of shops to visit and spread it out over a few weeks as opposed to in one day.
2. Chose who you bring with you carefully, bring people who know you best and will give you honest trustworthy advice, bare in mind too many people can lead to too many opinions.
3. Wear comfortable and preferably nude underwear as coloured underwear will be obvious under the dresses and can distract from the look of the gown on you. Imagine a beautiful strapless dress with black bra straps peering out!
4. Don’t worry about wearing your hair a certain way we have hair clips etc here so if you find a dress you like & wonder what it will look like with your hair tied up, we have clips etc here, we also have a selection of shoes to try on with dresses to give that extra height if you so wish, so no need to bring anything with you, we have it all covered.
5. Don’t put pressure on yourself to feel a certain way, over the years we have encountered so many different reactions & no two brides are ever the same. We don’t put pressure on you to decide there and then, if you know its your dress you will know, if you need to think about it, think about it, not every bride cries and has the fireworks moment so don’t feel like you have to either, but if you do have that moment of excitement we will be there to join in the celebrations!