Getting married and selecting those nearest and dearest to you to be part of your bridal party is a pretty epic event for all involved. You want people who know you well and feel honoured to stand up there next to you as you venture onto this whole new chapter in their life. So as much as you care about the bride to be, she too cares about her bridesmaid and wants them to feel and look fab. Over the past number of months, we have noticed these trends occurring… the dreaded online shopping faux pas!


We have met quite a few Brides who have bought their ‘bargain dresses’ online and felt great that they had made such massive savings. Fast forward to when the dresses arrived, they don’t look anything like the gown they had claimed to be, their colour is totally not what was expected or worse still the craftsmanship is so bad that they are truly unflattering on their bridal party. We have honestly come across so many of these incidents and brides in tears in a panic as to what can be done. This is every bride’s worst nightmare and trust me ladies, we are seeing this increasing trend, which not only adds extra stress to the bride and groom but also unnecessary expense, as they end up buying from a reputable stockist and very often have to pay extra for rush orders as time is limited. We know weddings are a huge expense and savings need to be made as much as possible but please be vigilant buying online. Most renowned bridesmaids’ designers only supply to bricks and mortar stores, they won’t sell to online sites, so very often these sites claim to be official stockists, but they are merely rip off designs which won’t have the same structure or quality of comeback as an actual official designer dress will have. The second trend we have noticed is brides worrying about going shopping with their bridal part, as at the end of the day no two people are alike so whether you have 2 or 10 bridesmaids every person is unique and has totally different body shapes, heights etc. What we have noticed is that our brides are worried about what style may suit all their bridal party… fear not, at Abelle Bridal we have been in business for over 8 years, so we have seen thousands of bridesmaids as well as a huge variety of alternating dress styles, colours, fabrics! Our experience has allowed us to see what dress styles most flattering on bridesmaids are. We have put together a quick shot of our top 5 picks from the 5 bridesmaids’ designers we carry in store. These dresses have truly amazing structure and fits and suit all body shapes and sizes, we have ordered these gowns up to size 32 so we have seen first-hand how they fit your bridal party and really show off their silhouettes.

Style 1 is our personal favourite, style 1513 (shown in a chocolate shade) this dress has a truly magnificent fit especially at the bust, it then fits really accentuates around the waist, and finishes with a lovely draping on the skirt. This can be ordered in, in over 75 different shades and up to size 34. www.marklesley.co.uk

Style 2 is a beautifully crafted full lace gown style 696, with a deep v back and matching satin sash, this gown has lovely boning which really gives a lovely elongated fit for your bridesmaids. Available to order in 14 different shades and a variety of sizes.

style 3 is our 7575 gown, this pretty dress has a gathered skirt along with its 3/4 length sleeves, this style can help hide your arms, as many bridesmaids prefer as well as the amazingly comfortable skirt! Also available in lots of sizes and colours. This is from our budget range which all retail under €220.

style 4 is 6646 and is our golden oldie! We love this dress, as the delicate draping gives this one shoulder dress a fab silhouette as well as this the matte chiffon fabric is softly shirred giving a lovely definition at the waist. Available to order in 62 different shades and sizes 00-30.

style 5 is our short sassy vintage inspired style 150. This satin embellished bodice really accentuates at the waist and then the tea length tulle skirt adds a fun finish to the dress, but the bodice really is a winner and is the reason it makes our top 5. Available to order in a variety of sizes and colours.