Wedding planning can be stressful. From saving photos, to pinterest to flipping through pages of the latest bridal magazine, it can be hard to narrow down exactly which wedding trends are stylish for now versus those that are timeless. Because lets face it, you will look back on this day for many years to come, so being choosy is totally allowed.

Wedding dress:

Ok so when we use the term timeless one thing pops into your mind straight away: lace! The one gown detail that we will always covet is lace. Its been a firm favourite for brides for many years, and why not! Lace is a quintessential bridal fabric making it an elegant choice for your walk down the aisle. There is something so romantic about lace and it looks beautiful on a variety of wedding dress shapes and silhouettes. We see various modern twists coming into play with lace dresses, from 3D lace applique or graphic and linear lace patterns to textured lace underlays. If you find lace isn’t appealing to you, there are lots of ways to incorporate it into your look from an ornate lace headpiece to a lace trim veil, whether lace is or is not for you there is no arguing that it’s been a main player in bridal trends in some form or another every season.

Keeping it neutral:

If bold standout colours aren’t your thing keeping to a neutral palette is probably a safer option. With such a huge variety of colours and shades to choose from its hard to pinpoint what is and isn’t for you. “Neutral” doesn’t only mean beige or grey, its more about muted hues, like a rose or dusty pink or soft lavender, light shades of green or blue, these all offer the perfect amount of color without being too overbearing. Metallics – gold, silver and rose gold – are great options for a more glamorous take on neutral. Jazz up your neutral shade of choice with more vibrant flowers or jewel tone accents to balance everything out. We have over 230 bridesmaids sample gowns in store, here is a just a preview of some of our fave neutral tones from dressy.

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Whatever month you are getting married in there will be a lovely selection of seasonal flowers in bloom, your bridesmaid colour theme will help with picking the right floral bouquet if flowers are even on your radar. With so many alternatives to choose from we have picked some of our favourites on pinterest, but we do love the timeless traditional bridal bouquet.